Wanted Felon Captured by the U.S. Marshals

On June 4, 2022, Keith Shakur Helms, who was 19 years old at the time, from Dothan, was arrested for five outstanding warrants for Attempted Assault First Degree related to a shooting he was involved with in a November 2021 incident. His bond was set at $75,000.00. Helms bonded out on those charges and failed to show for court. Warrants were issued for his failure to appear, and he has been on the run since then.

On October 15, 2022, individuals were shooting at each other inside Wiregrass Commons Mall. Helms was identified as one of those shooters.

On December 14, 2022, Helms was one of two individuals who shot at a victim in the 1300 block of Alexander Drive. During this incident, four occupied apartments and one occupied vehicle were shot into.

Because Helms has been eluding capture for such a long time, the assistance of the U.S. Marshals was requested. On Wednesday, May 31, 2023, Helms was captured by the U.S. Marshals’ Gulf Coast Regional Fugitive Task Force in Ozark, Alabama. Assisting the U.S. Marshals were Dale County Sheriff’s Department and Ozark Police Department.

Keith Shakur Helms, 20 years old of Dothan, is being charged with one count of Attempted Murder, one count of Shooting into an Occupied Vehicle, five counts of Shooting into an Occupied Building, and five counts of Failure to Appear on the Attempted Assault First Degree charges. He is also being charged with outstanding misdemeanor warrants for one count of Criminal Mischief Third Degree, one count of Tampering with Evidence, one count of Attempting to Elude, and one count of Reckless Endangerment. He will be held in the Houston County Jail with No Bond.

Keith Shakur Helms
Attempted Murder
Shooting into an Occupied Vehicle
Shooting into an Occupied Building X5
Failure to Appear X5
Criminal Mischief Third Degree
Tampering with Evidence
Attempting to Elude
Reckless Endangerment



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