DPD K9 Range Training

Anytime we can brag about how wonderful the canines that serve and protect you are, that’s exactly what we do! Did you know that Dothan has one of the best groups of canines because we continuously train for situations they may face in the real world. Just as it is important for officers to train with firearms it is equally important for our canines to train at the range. What’s really cool is that we take the same precautions with our dogs as we do with humans, for example did you know that our dogs wear hearing protection on the range?! Just because you can’t see them in the pictures above, don’t be fooled they are all wearing internal ear plugs and don’t mind it at all!

Happy national telecommunications appreciation week

Third squad patrol cooks breakfast for dispatch this morning to kick off national appreciation week!

We are so grateful for our dispatchers and all they do. Here in Dothan our team answers 911 calls, non emergency calls, dispatches for fire, police, ambulance services, police primary, police information, animal control and so much more and they do it all at once. They are an amazing team and while we appreciate them everyday, national appreciation week is a great opportunity to say thank you!

Pursuit of Homicide Suspect

The Dothan Police Department was involved in a vehicle pursuit of a suspected homicide suspect out of North Carolina who arrived in our city on a stolen vehicle. While investigating this information police located the vehicle and attempted to complete a traffic stop however the driver fled.

The pursuit traveled around Ross Clark Circle to Montgomery Highway where the suspect turned onto Cherokee Avenue, lost control and crashed into a tree sustaining critical injuries. Police on scene rendered first aid until Medics arrived and transported the driver to a local hospital. No other occupants were in the vehicle nor were any other motorists hurt.

Public Safety was our top priority today not only taking this person into custody but also in considering the motorists on the roadway. Police were actively responding to intersections ahead of the pursuit to stop motorists from encountering the oncoming danger.

The Dothan Police Department would like to say thank you to all motorists who cooperated with these emergency stops. We would also like to thank Houston County SO for assisting us. As always a special thanks to our officers that disregarded their own safety to ensure the safety of others throughout this incident.

DPD K9 of the day Toto

Last but certainly not least we would like to you to get to know Toto. This guy is a 2 year old Malinois from Hungary. His handler says Toto’s favorite thing to do is hunt his ball and have his neck scratched. He said that every day Toto runs to the patrol vehicle excited to go back to work!

Now that you have learned a little more about our canines we are proud to tell you that k9 teams are out there ensuring public safety 24/7. We thank our citizens for following along over the past two weeks as we have bragged a little about how much they mean to us! We also are grateful to our citizens for all the support that our unit receives!

Special Olympics Torch Run tomorrow

Local law enforcement will meet at 8 a.m. tomorrow at Miracle field to light a torch which will then be carried by officers from all agencies to Dothan High where it will be passed to local olympians and their families who will use it to light the main torch at Opening Ceremonies tomorrow. We are thankful to honor our athletes and their families and recognize them all for the heroes they are! Law enforcement will depart Miracle field around 8:30, travel on Choctaw, Ross Clark Circle, Main Street, South Oates Street to Dothan High arriving around 9:30 with the ceremony beginning at 10:00. Please support your local law enforcement along the route and your local athletes at Dothan High. See you tomorrow!

DPD K9 of the day Bella

Dpd K9 unit would like to introduce K9 Bella. Bella is the second of two new partners for the Dothan Police Department and we congratulate her and her Handler on their graduation from K9 school this week. Bella is a 2 year old Maliherd from Holland. She was born on July 12th 2016. Bella has only been in the United States for 4 months and began her training in January as our next explosive detection dog. Bella is the Department’s 4th explosive dog but she is our first female Dual Purpose dog to work in Dothan. She is trained to detect and locate up to 20 explosive odors and odor combinations. Bella will also be trained to track, conduct building searches and area searches. Her favorite toys are her ball with a rope and Kong her favorite things to do are play ball, be groomed and work of course!

DPD K9 of the day Alex

Alex is an 8 year old Belgian Malinois. Alex was imported from Europe and has served the city of Dothan for the past 7 years. Alex is a strong tracker and has an incredible nose for sniffing out narcotics. Alex has served on the Dothan SRT team for the past three years. His partner says he is all business at work but transitions to a spoiled family dog at home. He enjoys playing Fetch and his favorite toy is a tennis ball. Alex is always the center of attention!

DPD K9 of the day Dex

Canine Dex is a 6 year old Dutch speaking German Shepherd born in Holland in November 2013. Dex is one of the youngest dogs to ever begin with Dothan Police starting at just 10 months old. Dex is one of the best trackers in the department with multiple person and evidence finds. His partner says one of their best accomplishments in tracking was locating a suspect on a mile-long track through an urban environment. Dex carries his Tasmanian type energy home and is described by his partner as a bull in a china shop having chewed many couch pillows and constantly knocking things over. Despite this his Handler says he is deeply loved by he and his family!