All clear at Harvest

DPD responded to the report of a possible gunman armed with a rifle at the rear of Harvest Church. Officers quickly formed two teams that responded to the unknown. We have finished the call and are happy to report there is NO problem at the church and everything is fine. A few things to take away from this, first thanks as always to our citizens who are aware of their surroundings and are quick to report something that seems to present danger to others. We are grateful for the call we received today. Second DPD is second-to-none in public safety! How quickly officers responded, formulated a plan and selflessly encountered the unknown is an example of what they do without recognition day in and day out. Third as a reminder Firearms may not be used in the city of limits of Dothan for birds, squirrels or any other animals. Shooting within city limits particularly in residential areas creates danger and commonly causes understandable alarm for anyone passing by! Good job to all involved.

DPD responds to Westgate Park

This morning Dothan police officers were called to Westgate Park for a suspicious animal on the bike trail….a sick raccoon. The animal appeared confused and disoriented, moved slowly, and had difficulty walking….all signs of rabies!

Thanks to an alert citizen we were able to safely remove a potential public health hazard. Officer Tate was able to collar the animal with a piece of rope, keeping it from running away until it could be turned over to Animal Control.

REMEMBER!!! Vaccinate your pets, pay attention to your surroundings, and report any animal that shows signs of rabies. For more information on the signs and symptoms of rabies, and tips for prevention, visit

* Also…NEVER attempt to pet a wild raccoon. Even if they are not rabid, they can be very aggressive!

Enhanced Foster Fest Security

The Dothan Police Department and the Dothan Downtown Redevelopment Authority (DDRA) met on Wednesday, June 12, 2019 to discuss several issues related to last Friday night’s Foster Fest event.

Dothan Police arrested nine individuals for fighting, seven of whom were juveniles. Police and DDRA official are committed to making this a safe event for all residents and visitors to enjoy. Immediate steps are being taken to prevent disorderly activity in the future.

City officials will assign more police officers to work the event as well as increasing safety measures such as video surveillance, undercover police officers and increased security lighting.

Dothan PD’s Annual Active Shooter Response Training

In a continuation of the Dothan Police Department’s mission of protecting innocent lives, the 2019 installment of Active Shooter Response training has begun! Today, the Patrol Division’s 4th Squad kicked things off and performed admirably!

This year’s training emphasizes the importance of not only stopping the threat, but also providing aid and evacuating wounded victims. By repeatedly pushing themselves past their comfort zones, our officers are working hard and becoming better prepared to serve you!

Shooting leaves 2 injured

The Dothan Police Department Patrol Division has responded to the 400 block of Florida Avenue where two victims of gunshot violence have been transported to a local medical facility for treatment.

We are working to identify the shooter and ask that anyone with information about this case please call dispatch immediately at 615-3000 for Crime Stoppers.

Responding officers did a tremendous job utilizing tourniquets off of their personal kits to take life-saving measures for these victims. We would like to thank Dothan fire department and Pilcher’s ambulance service for their quick response to come in and support and continue these efforts.

Special Thanks

Today our very own Communication Center cooked out for police on duty to show appreciation during National Police Week. A very special thank you to this team for making today a special day!

DPD K9 Range Training

Anytime we can brag about how wonderful the canines that serve and protect you are, that’s exactly what we do! Did you know that Dothan has one of the best groups of canines because we continuously train for situations they may face in the real world. Just as it is important for officers to train with firearms it is equally important for our canines to train at the range. What’s really cool is that we take the same precautions with our dogs as we do with humans, for example did you know that our dogs wear hearing protection on the range?! Just because you can’t see them in the pictures above, don’t be fooled they are all wearing internal ear plugs and don’t mind it at all!