Community Watch

The Dothan Police Department in partnership with the mayor, City Commission, other city agencies and concerned citizens of our community are proud to be a part of Dothan Community Watch, a grassroots program that specializes in addressing community issues with an eye on reducing crime in our city. The concerned citizens in our community have established numerous groups across the city to take on the local problems in their areas including addressing criminal activity.

What is Community Watch?

Dothan Community Watch is an effective crime prevention program that provides training and systems to citizens to help prevent crime in their neighborhoods. It also facilitates discussion and encourages citizen-based solutions to local problems with the assistance of government, where possible. The program does not encourage direct citizen intervention in the apprehension of suspects, but instead works by giving citizens the tools to effectively utilize the police department apparatus of the city in accomplishing a reduction in criminal activity and prevention of crime in their areas.

Some of the main benefits of establishing an active community watch group in your neighborhood includes:

  • It can help reduce crime
  • It can help facilitate neighborly discussions about how to solve other problems
  • It can allow neighbors to get to know each other
  • It provides opportunities for social interaction among neighbors

Dothan Community Watch is administered by the Dothan Police Department’s Community Impact Team, a team of seven officers including one full-time coordinator and six part-time coordinators who work together to meet the demands of the program.

How to Start a Community Watch Group

The first step in establishing an active community watch group is to care about your safety and about the safety of your neighbors. Do this by remaining alert and using your senses to help defend your neighborhood against victimization.

The next thing you can do contact the Community Watch Program Coordinator by telephone (334) 615-3910 to learn more about starting a community watch group in your area.

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