Online Incident Reporting

If you are reporting an emergency please dial 911.

As a temporary measure to reduce contact with the public during the Coronavirus outbreak the Dothan Police Department is providing online crime reporting for minor incidents.

If you are filing a report for a crime of violence, including domestic violence, you must meet with an officer in-person to file your report. Please contact us at 615-3000 to meet with an officer.

Persons Involved

    Reporting Party/Victim Information

  • Please include your complete street address, telephone number and optional email address in case we need to contact you about this incident.
  • Victim Business

  • If the victim of this crime is a business, please indicate so below and complete the following fields.

Incident Detail

    Type of Incident

  • Place of Occurrence

  • The incident must have occurred within the city limits of Dothan, Alabama to be reported on this form.
  • Date and Time of Incident

  • Enter the date and time that you last knew everything was normal.

Property Involved

    Item 1

  • Additional Items

  • If you have more than one item to report, please list the items including the above information, in the space below.

Additional Information

  • Please explain what happened to prompt you to file this report today.


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