Automobile Safety

Securing your vehicle can be a simple and effective way to prevent crime. But it’s also one of the most often overlooked actions. Many auto burglaries and thefts could be prevented simply by locking your doors. Here are some other tips:

Never leave keys in your car

  • Keep your doors locked and windows rolled all the way up
  • Maintain all interior lighting
  • Park in well lit areas after dark
  • Conceal packages and valuables from public view (includes GPS devices)
  • Keep purses on the floor not in the seat when occupying your vehicle
  • Take your purse with you when you aren’t in your vehicle
  • Purchase and use a locking fuel tank cap
  • Do not label keys with name, address or vehicle make/model
  • Do not store firearms, GPS devices, laptops or other electronics in your car
  • Learn and remember your tag number
  • Liability insurance is required, but comprehensive insurance is recommended also
  • Homeowners’ or Renters’ insurance will cover items taken from inside a vehicle
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