Unauthorized Computer Tampering Leads to Two Arrests

It was recently discovered that the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) computer system used by the Dothan Police Department, Houston County Sheriff’s Department, and the Houston County Emergency Management had been accessed by someone who was not authorized to do so.

As soon as this was discovered, a detailed investigation was immediately initiated to determine the extent of the unauthorized access. At this point, it does not appear that any personal or individual information has been compromised.

Jesse Ryan Taylor, 40 years old of Dothan, has been charged with twelve counts of Computer Tampering and has no bond. Taylor, an employee of rickeystokesnews.com and a contractor for Dothan\Houston County EMA, is currently out on bond for an indictment on a Theft of Property charge from 2022 in which he was charged for the theft of Fentanyl from a Dothan Fire Station while employed as a Dothan Fireman. A Houston County Judge has now revoked that bond due to the new charges.

Amy Johnson Granberry, 43 years old of Dothan has been charged with twelve counts of Computer Tampering. Her bond has been set at $180,000.00.  Granberry who is the Assistant Communication Director with the City of Dothan Communication Center, has been placed on administrative leave pending a due process hearing regarding her employment.

This is on ongoing investigation and more charges are possible.

Man Charged After Assaulting Medical Personnel

While present at a local medical facility in Dothan, Kyle Owens became dissatisfied and uncooperative with staff members. When staff members attempted to assist Owens, he became confrontational and assaulted one of the staff members. When a second staff member attempted to intervene, Owens assaulted that staff member as well. Both staff members received minor injury.

As a result, Kyle Wade Owens, 34 years old of Goose Creek, SC, was charged with two counts of Assault Second Degree. His bond was set at $60,000.00.

Kyle Wade Owens
Assault Second Degree X2

Woman Charged with Promoting Prison Contraband

On Wednesday morning, June 7, 2023, officers encountered an individual in the 1100 block of Ross Clark Circle, later identified as Ja’Mya Brown. During the encounter, it was discovered Brown was in possession of illegal narcotics. Brown was subsequently arrested for the narcotics. Brown was given ample opportunity to disclose if she was in possession of any additional contraband prior to entering the jail to which she denied. While being processed in the jail, it was discovered Brown was in possession of additional narcotics resulting in the additional charge of Promoting Prison Contraband.

Ja’Mya Mykia Brown, 23 years old of Dothan, was charged with one count of Possession of Marijuana Second Degree and one count of Promoting Prison Contraband. Her bond was set at $6,000.00.

Ja’Mya Mykia Brown
Possession of Marijuana Second Degree
Promoting Prison Contraband

Two Charged with Chemical Endangerment

On Saturday, June 3, 2023, at approximately 12:30 PM, officers were dispatched to the 700 block of Whiddon Street for a welfare check on a child. When officers arrived and knocked on the door of the residence, they could smell the odor of marijuana. After making contact with the resident, officers were allowed to enter at which time they observed marijuana and drug paraphernalia which could easily be accessed by two small children that were present in the residence.

As a result, Wanda Faye Powell, 61 years old of Dothan, was charged with two counts of Chemical Endangerment of a Child, one count of Possession of Marijuana Second Degree, and one count of Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Her bond was set at $45,000.00.

Also charged was Lawanda Mozelle Coston, 43 years old of Dothan. She was charged with one count of Chemical Endangerment of a Child, one count of Possession of Marijuana Second Degree, and one count of Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Her bond was set at $25,000.00.

Woman Charged After Hitting Man with Car

On Saturday morning, June 3, 2023, at approximately 12:55 AM, officers responded to the 3500 block of Westgate Parkway to a domestic violence call involving someone being struck by a vehicle. Officers arrived and found one patient in the roadway along with several other people including the female suspect. As officers began to investigate the incident, it was determined the male victim was driving the vehicle on the roadway and his girlfriend was a passenger. An argument between the two took place and the female began to get physical with the male so he stopped the vehicle, exited, and advised he would walk. The female then got in the driver seat and drove the vehicle passed him, turned around and drove back towards him striking him with the vehicle. The victim was transported to a local hospital where it was determined he sustained a broken leg which required surgery.

Marketa Lashea Baker, 32 years old of Headland, AL, was arrested and charged with one count of Domestic Violence First Degree. Her bond was set at $60,000.00.

Marketa Lashea Baker
Domestic Violence First Degree

Man Charged with Electronic Solicitation of a Child

On May 21, 2023, it was reported to the Dothan Police Department about an adult male electronically soliciting a juvenile under the age of 16 for a sexual purpose. Criminal investigators conducted an investigation and determined the reported facts did occur.

As a result, on May 31, 2023, Cesario Cacao Tec, 41 years old of Dothan, has been charged with one count of Electronic Solicitation of a Child. His bond has been set at $30,000.00. While conducting an Illegal Alien Query on Cacao Tec, a hispanic male, it was discovered he had an outstanding warrant with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for removal due to his illegal status. A detainer has been placed on him for ICE.

The Dothan Police Department’s Criminal Investigation is still ongoing and additional charges may be possible. Due to the nature of the investigation and the Alabama juvenile privacy laws, no further information will be released about the investigation.

Cesario Cacao Tec
Electronic Solicitation of a Child



Fight Leads To Victim Being Shot At

On Wednesday, May 31, 2023, at approximately 6:10 PM, officers were dispatched to a firearm assault in the 3100 block of East Main Street, American Inn Motel. When officers arrived, the victim was found in the roadway. Dothan Fire and Rescue arrived and began evaluating the victim’s injuries and at that time it was discovered the victim had not been shot. The victim only had small lacerations to the hands. After interviewing multiple witnesses at the scene, it was determined a physical altercation took place between the suspect and victim inside a room and the victim was chased from the room by the suspect. The suspect fired a handgun at the victim while chasing him. The victim was transported to the hospital for treatment and was later released.

Joshua Immanuel Baxter, 32 years old of Gordon, AL, was charged with one count of Attempted Assault First Degree. His is currently being held with no bond. Additional charges may be forthcoming, pending the ongoing investigation.

Joshua Immanuel Baxter
Attempted Assault First Degree

Wanted Felon Captured by the U.S. Marshals

On June 4, 2022, Keith Shakur Helms, who was 19 years old at the time, from Dothan, was arrested for five outstanding warrants for Attempted Assault First Degree related to a shooting he was involved with in a November 2021 incident. His bond was set at $75,000.00. Helms bonded out on those charges and failed to show for court. Warrants were issued for his failure to appear, and he has been on the run since then.

On October 15, 2022, individuals were shooting at each other inside Wiregrass Commons Mall. Helms was identified as one of those shooters.

On December 14, 2022, Helms was one of two individuals who shot at a victim in the 1300 block of Alexander Drive. During this incident, four occupied apartments and one occupied vehicle were shot into.

Because Helms has been eluding capture for such a long time, the assistance of the U.S. Marshals was requested. On Wednesday, May 31, 2023, Helms was captured by the U.S. Marshals’ Gulf Coast Regional Fugitive Task Force in Ozark, Alabama. Assisting the U.S. Marshals were Dale County Sheriff’s Department and Ozark Police Department.

Keith Shakur Helms, 20 years old of Dothan, is being charged with one count of Attempted Murder, one count of Shooting into an Occupied Vehicle, five counts of Shooting into an Occupied Building, and five counts of Failure to Appear on the Attempted Assault First Degree charges. He is also being charged with outstanding misdemeanor warrants for one count of Criminal Mischief Third Degree, one count of Tampering with Evidence, one count of Attempting to Elude, and one count of Reckless Endangerment. He will be held in the Houston County Jail with No Bond.

Keith Shakur Helms
Attempted Murder
Shooting into an Occupied Vehicle
Shooting into an Occupied Building X5
Failure to Appear X5
Criminal Mischief Third Degree
Tampering with Evidence
Attempting to Elude
Reckless Endangerment



Woman Charged with First Degree Robbery and Eluding

On Monday, May 22, 2023, at approximately 12:20 PM, officers responded to 3000 block of Cathy Lou Road in reference to a robbery that had just occurred. It was reported the victim and several acquaintances were gathered in the yard when the suspect pulled up, exited a vehicle, brandished a weapon, threatened harm, and began demanding personal property from the victim. When no personal property was handed over, the suspect took the victim’s cell phone before fleeing.

As a result of the investigation, a warrant for Robbery First Degree was obtained for Anastasia Shantell Martin, 20 years old of Dothan. On Thursday, May 25, 2023, officers made contact with Martin in the 1000 block of Cabot Street where she ran from officers before being caught a short distance away. Martin was charged with the outstanding warrant for Robbery First Degree and Attempting to Elude. Her bond was set at $40,500.00.

Anastasia Shantell Martin – Robbery First Degree and Attempting to Elude

Asking for Your Help in Solving a Year-Old Murder Case

One year ago today, early on Sunday morning, May 22, 2022, a Dothan man was murdered while outside a downtown café in the 200 block of East Powell Street. The victim was 21 year-old Jacques Adarius McLeod-Roberts, of Dothan. McLeod-Roberts was outside the business when an unknown person walked up and shot him one time. McLeod-Roberts was pronounced deceased at the scene. No motive and no suspect have been determined since then. Over the last year, investigators have followed up on many leads, all of which have been unsuccessful in bringing resolution to this case.

A family lost a loved one that day to a senseless act committed by someone who had no regard for human life. This individual should be held accountable for their actions instead of being allowed to walk free having to opportunity to kill again should they have the desire to do so. We know due to the number of patrons at and around the establishment at the time of the incident there is someone out there who knows who the person is responsible for this crime. We ask that anyone who has any information related to this incident, no matter how small or insignificant they think it may be, to please contact the Dothan Police Department at 334-615-3000. Anyone wishing to remain anonymous can call Crime Stoppers at 334-793-7000. The Dothan Police Department will stringently guard and protect the identities of all those who wish to help in an anonymous capacity. Up to $1,000.00 may be paid for the information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for this crime.

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