Carlton Oakes Homicide Summary

A substantial amount of information has been provided by the Dothan Police Department and other sources in the June 2018 homicide of an infant who was later placed in a freezer by his parents. In order to provide a single source for information involving this case, we have set up a press kit for the media and members of the public who are interested in this information.


  • Carlton James Mathis, 28, of Gainesville, GA is the victim’s father
  • Amanda Gail Oakes, 36, of Murrayville, GA is the victim’s mother


  • Carlton James Oakes, 6-months-old

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Sequence of Events

June 1, 2018

  • Dothan Police Investigators are notified by the Hall County Sheriff’s Department (Hall County, Georgia) of a possible infant death. The information indicated that the infant was with his parents but the exact location of the infant was not known.
  • Investigators learned that the parents had left Dothan and were possibly in Florida.

June 4, 2018

  • Florida authorities learned the location of the suspects and attempted to make contact with them.
  • During the incident, Mathis produced a handgun and was shot four times by an Alachua County SWAT officer.
  • Mathis was transported to the hospital where he remained in custody during his recovery from his gunshot wounds.
  • Dothan Police Investigators learned that the infant’s remains were located in a freezer of a hotel room located in the 2800 block of Ross Clark Circle.
  • Investigators obtained a search warrant and found the remains of the infant.

June 5, 2018

  • The child’s remains are transferred to the Alabama Department of Forensic Services for an autopsy.
  • Warrants are obtained for abuse of a corpse by Dothan authorities.
  • Both suspects are still being held by Levy County, Florida authorities.

June 11, 2018

  • Oakes, now in custody of Dothan authorities, receives an additional manslaughter charge for her involvement in this case.
  • Following court action on June 17, 2018, Oakes’ bond on all charges totaled $400,000.

June 19, 2018

  • Dothan Police Investigators obtained a murder warrant for Mathis’ role in this case.
  • Mathis remains in Levy County, Florida facing multiple charges there. It is unknown when he will be available for extradition to Alabama. He also faces additional unrelated arrest warrants in Georgia as well.

Fall, 2019

  • On August 28, 2019, Amanda Gail Oakes turned state’s evidence and plead guilty. She was sentenced to 99 years in prison.
  • Days later on September 1, 2019, Carlton James Mathis was found deceased while awaiting trial in the Houston County Jail.
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