UPDATE: Suspect Identified in Tuesday’s Roadway Murder

UPDATE:  Suspect, 22 year old Kameron Zamir Head, turned himself in at the Dothan Police Department on Tuesday, September 19, 2023.


On Tuesday night, September 12, 2023, at approximately 10:30 PM Dothan Police Officers and Criminal Investigators responded to a murder that occurred near the 2300 block of Denton Road.

Twenty-two year old Zion Brown of Dothan was the driver and only occupant of his vehicle traveling on Denton Road. Brown was struck by one of several bullets that were fired into his vehicle, killing him. His vehicle traveled off the roadway and through a vacant lot before coming to a stop on Murray Road.

Investigators have worked around the clock since the incident occurred. On Thursday, September 14, 2023, investigators obtained one warrant for shooting into an occupied vehicle and one warrant for Capital Murder for 22 year old Kameron Zamir Head of Dothan.  We are asking anyone who may know the whereabouts of Head to please call the Dothan Police Department at (334)615-3000.  The Dothan Police Department will stringently guard and protect the identity of anyone who would like to help in an anonymous capacity.

Kameron Zamir Head
Shooting into Occupied Vehicle &
Capital Murder

Dothan Man Murdered while Driving

On Tuesday night, September 12, 2023, at approximately 10:30 PM the Dothan Houston County Emergency Operations Center was notified of a single vehicle accident with critical injuries in the area of Denton Road and Murray Road. Officers arrived and discovered the driver and only occupant of the vehicle had sustained a single gunshot wound and was pronounced dead at the scene. The victim has been identified as 22-year-old Zion Brown of Dothan. Brown’s vehicle was traveling on Denton Road when an unknown suspect fired several gunshots into the vehicle, one of which struck Brown. Brown’s vehicle left the roadway and traveled through a vacant lot before coming to a stop on Murray Road.

Currently there are no known suspects in this ongoing investigation. We ask that anyone who may have information related to this incident to please call The Dothan Police Department at (334)615-3000. The Dothan Police Department will stringently guard and protect the identity of anyone who would like to help in an anonymous capacity.

Update: Captured – Suspect Wanted in 2021 Murder

UPDATE:  Thanks to a concerned citizen, the suspect in this case is now in custody in Georgia. He is awaiting extradition to Alabama to face the charge of Capital Murder.

On Saturday, October 9, 2021, the Dothan Police Department responded to a murder in the 200 block of Blissett Drive. The victim was identified as Sincere Tyson, 20 years old of Dothan. Investigators have identified a suspect they believe to be responsible for this murder as 26 year-old Jacoiah Deshawn Harrell of Bainbridge, GA. Harrell is currently wanted for one count of Capital Murder.

The whereabouts of Harrell are unknown at this time, but we are asking the public for assistance in locating him. We ask if you know the whereabouts of Harrell to please call the Dothan Police Department at (334)615-3000. The Dothan Police Department will stringently guard and protect the identity of anyone who would like to help in an anonymous capacity.

Jacoiah Deshawn Harrell

Dothan Man Charged with Additional Sex Crimes

On July 27, 2022, Timothy David Lloyd of Dothan was charged with 31 counts of Sexual Abuse First Degree and 25 counts of Sodomy First Degree. Lloyd, who is still in the Houston County Jail on those charges, has now been charged with 29 counts of Sexual Abuse of a Child Less than 12 on August 28, 2023. These new charges are a result of an ongoing investigation related to an additional victim. His bond for these new charges has been set at $870,000.00. Due to the sensitive nature of this case, no additional information will be released.

Timothy David Lloyd

Dothan Woman Charged with Capital Murder For the Death of her Newborn Child

On Thursday August 24, 2023, the Dothan Police Department was contacted by medical staff at Southeast Health and advised a female was there attempting to recover a child she claimed she had left at their facility on August 13, 2023, with one of their employees in the hospital lobby. The female stated she gave birth at her residence in the 1100 block of Tate Drive on August 13th and within the first few hours she took the newborn child to the hospital and gave the child to an employee and left. The female stated she did that because she did not want the child and it cost too much money. The female’s family was unaware the female was pregnant or had delivered a child until yesterday, Wednesday August 23, 2023. That’s when the family of the female became concerned and wanted to recover the newborn child. The female and family members went to Southeast Health this morning attempting to find the person the newborn child was given to because that is what they were led to believe by the female.

As the investigation began, it was quickly determined the female never went to Southeast Health on the date she alleged. A formal interview was conducted with the female who attempted to continue her same story. When presented with the fact we had proven she never took the newborn child to the hospital as she claimed, she told investigators she had taken the newborn child and wrapped him in a blanket and placed it into a trash dumpster at an apartment complex on the west side of town. She stated when she placed the newborn child in the dumpster, he was still alive. Investigators went to that location and located a trash compactor attached to a dumpster. The dumpster was seized by the Dothan Police Department and taken to the City of Dothan land field where investigators and officers sifted through the contents. During that process, the remains of a newborn child were located wrapped in a mattress protector that was in a zipped-up duffel bag. Those remains have been sent to the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences in Montgomery for confirmation that those remains are in fact the missing newborn child.

The mother of the newborn child, Jakayla Ashanti Williams, 18 years old of Dothan, has been charged with one count of Capital Murder.

Williams had no connection or affiliation with the apartment complex where she left her newborn child at. It is unknown why she chose that location.

Jakayla Ashanti Williams

Dothan Man Murdered

On Sunday, August 20, 2023, at approximately 5:05 PM, the Dothan Houston County 911 Center received a call advising someone had been shot in the 800 block of S. Appletree Street. Specific details were not obtained until officers arrived on scene. Once they arrived on scene, they discovered a black male victim lying in the front yard who had sustained a single gunshot to the head. Dothan Fire and Rescue arrived, assessed the victim, and determine he was deceased from his injury. Several individuals at the scene were detained for questioning. The victim has been identified as, Keith Atkins, 61 years old of Dothan.

After speaking to several individuals and processing all information and evidence, it was determined the suspect who fired the weapon was Arthur Lee Wilson Jr. It is believed the two were involved in a physical altercation just prior to the shooting. When the physical altercation concluded, Arthur began firing a weapon at Atkins, striking him in the head. Both Atkins and Wilson lived at the location where the incident took place, and it is unknown what led up to the altercation. While executing a search warrant at the residence, multiple firearms were located in Wilson’s bedroom, two which were confirmed stolen. Among the weapons located, one of them is believed to be the weapon used in the altercation.

Arthur Lee Wilson Jr., 53 years old, has been charged with one count of Murder with $1.5 Million bond,  and two counts of Receiving Stolen Property Second Degree which have $30,000.00 bond for the two.

Arthur Lee Wilson Jr.

Murder Suspect Arrested

On Friday, June 16, 2023, Justin Cordelro Britt, 34 years old of Dothan, turned himself in at the Dothan Police Department for an outstanding warrant for Murder. Britt is accused of the Murder of Shamel Roscel Hagler that occurred on February 22, 2023, on Monroe Street.

Justin Cordelro Britt

Asking for Your Help in Solving a Year-Old Murder Case

One year ago today, early on Sunday morning, May 22, 2022, a Dothan man was murdered while outside a downtown café in the 200 block of East Powell Street. The victim was 21 year-old Jacques Adarius McLeod-Roberts, of Dothan. McLeod-Roberts was outside the business when an unknown person walked up and shot him one time. McLeod-Roberts was pronounced deceased at the scene. No motive and no suspect have been determined since then. Over the last year, investigators have followed up on many leads, all of which have been unsuccessful in bringing resolution to this case.

A family lost a loved one that day to a senseless act committed by someone who had no regard for human life. This individual should be held accountable for their actions instead of being allowed to walk free having to opportunity to kill again should they have the desire to do so. We know due to the number of patrons at and around the establishment at the time of the incident there is someone out there who knows who the person is responsible for this crime. We ask that anyone who has any information related to this incident, no matter how small or insignificant they think it may be, to please contact the Dothan Police Department at 334-615-3000. Anyone wishing to remain anonymous can call Crime Stoppers at 334-793-7000. The Dothan Police Department will stringently guard and protect the identities of all those who wish to help in an anonymous capacity. Up to $1,000.00 may be paid for the information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for this crime.

Last of 5 Murder Suspects Arrested in Georgia

In July of 2022, the Dothan Police Department along with the Holmes County Sheriff’s Department conducted a joint investigation into the disappearance of two individuals from Dothan. Shauna Terry and her boyfriend, Damien Bell were reported missing by family members. During the joint investigation, it was learned the two individuals were shot and killed; one in Dothan, and one in Holmes County, Florida. Both bodies were then buried in Holmes County.

A total of five suspects were identified as being involved in this incident. Four of those suspects were arrested during the days surrounding the investigation. The fifth suspect, MacAuthur Mike Hawkins, has been on the run since then attempting to evade capture.

On Wednesday morning, April 26, 2023, the U.S. Marshal’s Fugitive Task Force from Atlanta took MacAuthur Mike Hawkins into custody near a residence he was living at in Decatur, Georgia without incident. Hawkins was using a false identity living with an individual portraying to be someone he was not. Hawkins will be held in Georgia until extradition to the Houston County Jail can be arranged. Once he arrives at the Houston County Jail, he will be formally charged with one count of Capital Murder, one count of Kidnapping First Degree, and one count of Abuse of a Corpse. He will have no bond.

MacAuthur Mike Hawkins

Dothan Man Found Murdered in his Backyard

On Friday Morning, April 14, 2023, at approximately 5:54 AM, the Dothan Police Department was notified about an unknown individual in the pool of a backyard on Redwood Avenue in Dothan. The homeowners did not know the individual. Officers arrived and found Blake Thomas Evans on the homeowner’s property with no explanation as to why he was there. Officers determined Evans was under the influence of an unknown substance and subsequently arrested him for public intoxication. During this encounter, officers determined Evans lived at 701 Langley Drive, Apartment 2.

At approximately 6:35 AM, the Dothan Police Department was notified that neighbors had found an individual lying face down in the back yard of 701 Langley Drive, Apartment 2. When officers arrived, they discovered the victim was deceased from multiple gunshot wounds to the upper torso. The victim, who also lived at this location, has been identified as 71 year-old Kenneth Bruce.

It was determined Bruce and Evans were roommates. During the early morning hours, the two had an argument about an unknown matter. During the argument, Evans retrieved a handgun that was kept in the apartment and shot Bruce multiple times before fleeing the residence.

Blake Thomas Evans, 33 years old of Dothan, has now been charged with Murder for the death of Kenneth Bruce. His bond for the Murder charge has been set at $1.5 Million. Evans was currently out on bond for an incident that took place in December of 2022 in which he was charged with Domestic Violence First Degree, Domestic Violence Strangulation and Assault Second Degree.

Blake Thomas Evans – Murder


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