UPDATE: Traffic Fatality

On April 5th, 2019, the Dothan Police Department’s Crash Team responded to a traffic fatality at W. Main Street and North Woodburn Drive.  After the completion of the investigation, charges have been filed against white male Christopher Britt Hamm, 45 years of age, of Dothan.  Hamm has been charged with one count of Manslaughter ($60,000 bond), and one count of Assault 1st Degree ($60,000 bond).   Hamm was also charged with Driving Under the Influence at the scene of the crash.

Hamm has been processed and transferred to the Houston County Jail. All persons are innocent until proven guilty.

Arrest made in Friday Night Murder

On Friday March 15th, 2019 Dothan Police responded to SouthEast Health for reports of a male that was brought into the Emergency Room with a gunshot wound to the torso. Officers arrived and identified the victim as 33 year old Jeremy Rashad Sanders of Dothan. Sanders had one gunshot wound under his left armpit and succumbed to his injury in the Emergency Room.

Officers were able to determine that the shooting occurred in the 700 block of Monroe St. in Dothan. A crime scene was located and Investigators were called to the scene. During the investigation Investigators learned that Sanders was attempting to break up a physical altercation between two females when one of the females, Suctorah Ty’keymah Duncan (23) of Dothan, produced a handgun and fired one round intended for the other female involved in the altercation, but striking Sanders.

Suctorah Ty’keymah Duncan was arrested and charged with one count of Murder and has a $300,000.00 bond. She was also charged with one count of Attempted Murder and has a bond of $200,000.00.

All persons are innocent until proven guilty.

Arrest Made in Domestic Related Murder

On 11-25-2018 Dothan Police Officers responded to an Edged Weapon Assault in the 400 block of Florida Ave. When Officers arrived, 32 year old Mikel Cummings was found inside his residence with a stab wound to his chest. Cummings was rushed to Southeast Health where he underwent emergency surgery.

During surgery Cummings succumbed to his injury. Police Investigators identified 26 year old Nafeesah Shante Thomas as the suspect in the stabbing. The case was determined to be domestic related. Thomas and Cummings were involved in a verbal altercation during which she stabbed Cummings in the chest with a kitchen knife.

Nafeesah Shante Thomas was arrested and charged with one count of Murder. She is currently being held in the Houston County Jail with No Bond.

All persons are innocent until proven guilty.

Press Release for Murder Investigation

On Sept. 10, 2018 at approximately 6:30 a.m. Dothan Police Officers responded to a 911 call reporting an assault in the 300 block of Pettus St. Dothan. Moments later Officers arrived scene to discover a white male, later identified as 59-year-old Neal Craft Barber, laying in the driveway.  It was obvious to the Officers that Barber had suffered some sort of trauma as Dothan Fire Medics arrived to medically assess the victim.  It was determined that Barber had succumbed to his injuries before the Officers or Medics arrival and he was not transported to a medical facility.

Upon examination of Barber and the surrounding scene, it was determined that he was the victim of an assault that occurred sometime in the early morning hours on Sept. 10th.  Dothan Police Patrol Officers located and detained several persons of interest at the scene in a storage building at the rear of the residence.  Investigators obtained a search warrant for the property and discovered that the storage building was the physical crime scene where Barber was assaulted.  All of the people located in the storage building were transported to the Dothan Police Department.

Once the crime scene was processed and interviews were conducted by Dothan Police Crime Scene Investigators and Criminal Investigators, it was discovered that earlier that morning there was an argument that led to a physical altercation. During that altercation Barber suffered multiple injuries caused by blunt force trauma to his head that were not survivable.  Probable cause was established to charge two people with the murder of Barber.

Charged with Murder are 24-year-old Dontavious Givens, of Pettus Street Dothan, and Jatavion Lakeldrick Collins, of Monument Street Dothan. Both individuals arrested are being held with a no bond. Both suspects will be scheduled for a Preliminary Hearing in Houston County Circuit Court.


Shooting Leaves Dothan Man Dead

On July 16, 2018 Dothan Police responded to the 900 block of Sixth Ave. in reference to a firearm assault. When patrol officers arrived they found 24 year old Vantavius Dishon McKay laying on the sidewalk with a gunshot wound to the chest. Officers were able to quickly get Mr. McKay to an ambulance and he was transported to the Southeast Alabama Medical Center. Unfortunately Mr. McKay was pronounced deceased at the hospital.

Officers on scene were unsure if the person who shot McKay was still inside the residence in the 900 block of Sixth Ave. and the decision was made to hold the scene and let the Dothan SRT Team make entry in an attempt to locate him. Once the SRT Team cleared the residence and no one was found inside Investigators began processing the scene.

Shortly after the residence was cleared 36-year-old Dennis Allen Jackson Jr. turned himself in at the Police Department and stated that he was the person involved in the shooting on Sixth Avenue. Multiple witness interviews were conducted as well as an interview with Mr. Jackson. Once those interviews were completed it was determined that this was an ongoing conflict that happened over a period of a few days. Mr. Jackson called and reported the threats against him on the day of the shooting.

After interviews were completed it was determined that Mr. Jackson was acting in self defense and no charges were filed at that time. Investigators consulted with the District Attorney’s Office and the case will be presented to the Grand Jury at a later date.


Murder Warrants Obtained in Infant Found in Freezer

On June 4th 2018 Dothan Police began an investigation into the death of an infant child found in the freezer at a motel in the 2800 block of Ross Clark Circle. Amanda Gail Oakes and Carlton James Mathis were wanted for questioning in the death and located in Levy County Florida. Mathis was shot while being apprehended and was taken to a hospital in Florida. He was later released from the hospital and taken to the Levy County Jail where he faces charges relating to the shooting.

On June 8th 2018 Dothan Police charged Amanda Gail Oakes with manslaughter for her involvement in the death of the infant. She was placed in the Houston County Jail.

On June 19th 2018 Dothan Police obtained a murder warrant for Carlton James Mathis for his involvement in the infants death. Mathis has a no bond on the warrant. He is currently in the Levy County Jail facing his charges in Florida. It is unknown when he will be extradited to Alabama.

All persons are innocent until proven guilty.

Additional Charges Filed in Baby Death

As a result of an ongoing investigation, Amanda Gail Oakes has now been charged with manslaughter as a result of the death of her infant son. She has a “No Bond” for this charge.  On 6-1-18 Oakes’ infant son was found in a freezer in the 2800 block of Ross Clark Circle.  The manslaughter charge is in addition to her previous charge of abuse of a corpse.


Baby Found in Freezer, Murder Charges Expected

On Friday June 1st Dothan Police Investigators received information from Hall County Sheriffs Department in Hall County GA in reference to a possible infant death. The information reported was that Carlton James Mathis, 28, of Gainesville GA and Amanda Gail Oakes, 36, of Murrayville GA were possibly in the Dothan Area and in the company of their 6 month old infant child, Carlton James Oakes. The Hall County Sheriffs Department received information that the infant was possibly deceased inside of an apartment. No other information was available at that time.

Dothan Police Investigators were not able to determine a location in Dothan where Mathis and Oakes were staying, but did receive information that they had left the Dothan area and were possibly in Florida. This information was passed along to Law Enforcement in Florida in an attempt to make contact with Oakes and Mathis and determine the status of the child.

On June 4th Mathis and Oakes were located in an apartment complex in Bronson Florida. The Levy County Sheriffs Department and the Alachua County Sheriffs Department attempted to make contact with Mathis as he was leaving the apartment complex. Mathis produced an handgun and attempted to flee the scene. Mathis was shot 4 times by an Alachua County SWAT Team member. He is currently in stable condition at a Florida hospital in the custody of the Levy County Sheriffs Department and being held for a parole violation warrant out of Gainesville GA.

Based off of the information received from Oakes and Mathis after they were taken into custody, Dothan Police Investigators were able to determine that the couple had been staying at the In Town Suites  in the 2800 block of Ross Clark Circle. A search warrant was executed at that location and the body of 6 month old Carlton James Oakes was recovered from the freezer. It appears the infant was in the freezer for approximately 5 or 6 days.  Information gathered from witnesses indicates that Oakes and Mathis are the persons responsible for placing the child in the freezer.

The infant was transported to the Alabama Department of Forensic Science in Montgomery AL for autopsy to determine this cause of death which at this time is unknown.  It is believed that the child was deceased prior to being placed in the freezer, however foul play is suspected in the child’s death.  Carlton James Mathis and Amanda Gail Oakes were both charged with one count of Abuse of a Corpse and each have a bond amount of $15,000.00. They are currently awaiting extradition from Levy County FL to Dothan AL.  Murder charges  on both Oakes and Mathis are expected to be filed in Houston County Circuit Court after an autopsy is completed.


All Persons are innocent until proven guilty.

Domestic Incident Leads to Murder Arrest

On May 25th 2018 Dothan Police responded to the 1200 block of Burbank Street in response to a medical emergency. Patrol Officers arrived on scene and located Brandy Lee Mancil inside the residence with life threatening injuries. Emergency personnel transported her to Flowers Hospital where she was pronounced deceased.

Officers discovered that the incident was involving a domestic altercation between Mancil and her live in boyfriend Antonio Perez Jackson, 35, of Dothan. Detectives responded to the scene and determined foul play was involved and immediately began an investigation.

Jackson was taken to the Dothan Police Department for questioning due to the suspicious nature of Mancil’s death. After interviews were completed Jackson was charged with Murder for his involvement in the death of Brandy Mancil. A no bond has been requested in this case.

All persons are innocent until proven guilty.