Dothan City School Bus And Other Vehicles Shot Into With BB Gun

On Thursday afternoon, 5/5/2022, at approximately 3:00 PM, the Dothan Police Department received a call about a Dothan City school bus being shot into while traveling in the area of Fortner Street and South Park Avenue.  There were children on the bus at the time this occurred, however, there were no injuries of any kind.  Multiple officers and investigators quickly saturated the area to begin canvassing for suspects.

While officers were responding to the school bus, two other victims called reporting their vehicles had been shot into as well while traveling in the same area.  It was determined the shots were fired by someone in the front yard of a residence in the 900 block of Fortner Street.  Officers quickly surrounded the residence and detained all occupants.  Three weapons were found inside the residence. One of them is believed to have been used to shoot at the school bus and other vehicles.  Upon examination, all three weapons were determined to be compressed-air powered BB guns and all of them were replicas of real guns.

As a result, 20 year old Jacquette Daquin Townsend, of Dothan, was charged with three counts of Throwing or Shooting Deadly or Dangerous Missile into Occupied Vehicle.  His bond was set at $45,000.00.

Jacquette Daquin Townsend – Throwing or Shooting Deadly or Dangerous Missile into Occupied Vehicle
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