Wiregrass Common Mall Update

On Saturday 07/16 at approximately 02:50 p.m. officers were dispatched to a “shots fired” call at Wiregrass Commons Mall. Upon arrival numerous people were fleeing the mall. The investigation revealed that an employee from a business had an altercation with several individuals inside the business. At least one person brandished a firearm causing people to flee. Officers interviewed numerous people at several different stores inside the mall. The suspects had left the scene prior to officers arriving. Conflicting stories were given about shots being fired. Officers found no evidence of shots being fired. To clarify, we found no damage to any property, or structure, or shell casings.

OUR ORIGINAL POST HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH INITIAL INCIDENT THAT OCCURRED AND WE DID NOT SAY THAT IT DID NOT OCCUR. We were only stating that there was not an active shooter situation at the mall, meaning there was no active threat and there was no one “actively shooting” inside the mall. There was also no firearm assault, meaning we found no victims suffering from a gunshot wound.

The incident was documented and all witnesses that we know were involved were interviewed. The incident is still under investigation by the Dothan Police Department. If anyone has any additional information they are asked to contact Dothan Police Department.

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