All clear at Harvest

DPD responded to the report of a possible gunman armed with a rifle at the rear of Harvest Church. Officers quickly formed two teams that responded to the unknown. We have finished the call and are happy to report there is NO problem at the church and everything is fine. A few things to take away from this, first thanks as always to our citizens who are aware of their surroundings and are quick to report something that seems to present danger to others. We are grateful for the call we received today. Second DPD is second-to-none in public safety! How quickly officers responded, formulated a plan and selflessly encountered the unknown is an example of what they do without recognition day in and day out. Third as a reminder Firearms may not be used in the city of limits of Dothan for birds, squirrels or any other animals. Shooting within city limits particularly in residential areas creates danger and commonly causes understandable alarm for anyone passing by! Good job to all involved.