Murder Warrant Issued For Dothan Woman in Death of Infant

Dothan Police Investigators have charged Ericka Lee Dabney, 26, of Citadel Ave. Dothan, AL with Murder as a result of the death of her four month old child. The infant’s death occurred in August 2017.

The investigation revealed that Dabney had multiple drugs in her system while being the sole caregiver for the child. The intoxicants found in Dabney created a grave risk of death to the infant.

When Dabney gave birth to the child in March of 2017, she (Dabney) tested positive for Amphetamines, Opiates and Benzos which she did not have a prescription for.  At birth, the child tested positive for Amphetamines.  Houston County Department of Human Resources became involved with the family following the birth of the child due to the Amphetamines in his system. They (DHR) implemented a safety plan in which the mother had to be supervised when in the company of any of her three children. On August 6th 2017 Houston County Sheriff’s Investigators arrested Dabney for Chemical Endangerment of a Child where she was later released on a $10,000.00 bond.   August 16th 2017, the day of the child’s death, Dabney was alone with the child, not in compliance with the safety plan, and was not being supervised.

Dabney’s other two children have since been placed with their respective biological fathers.  The two children and their fathers are still receiving support and services of the Houston County Department Human Resources to insure their safety and well-being.

A bond amount in this case has been set at $60,000.00

All persons are innocent until proven guilty.

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