10 Year Old Boy Set on Fire

On Friday night, 10-20-2017, the Dothan Police Department was notified by Emergency Room Staff of Southeast Alabama Medical Center that a juvenile victim had been brought to their facility with severe burns. Once patrol officers determined the severity of injuries, Criminal Investigators were notified and began an investigation into the incident.

The investigation revealed the 10 year old victim had a flammable hair product poured on him by his 12 year old sister. After the flammable product was poured on him, his sister intentionally ignited the product with a cigarette lighter.  As a result, the 10 year old victim received severe burns to a large portion of his body to include his back, side, arm and underarm.  Due to the extent of the injuries, the victim was immediately sent to Children’s Hospital of Alabama in Birmingham for treatment in the Children’s Burn Unit.  The victim is expected to survive; however, he will have a lengthy recovery and permanent disfigurement.

The Houston Henry County District Attorney’s Office was notified and the 12 year old female suspect was subsequently charged by the Dothan Police Department with Assault 1st Degree.  The presiding Houston County Judge remanded the custody of the suspect to a family member, under the monitoring of a DHR Safety Plan.  Assisting in the ongoing investigation is the Houston County Department of Human Resources and the Houston County Juvenile Court System.  From here, the case will proceed through the Houston County Juvenile Judicial System.

Due to the fact all parties involved in this case are juveniles, their identities or any additional information cannot be released.

Note to our Media partners: As you know we normally release a crime scene photo or injury photo for your use in presenting the news to your viewers and readers.  Due to the extent of these injuries, the decision has been made not to release any pictures from the scene or of any injuries.


All persons arrested are innocent until proven guilty.