Man Shot During Robbery

On Friday night, 7/22/2022, just before 9:00 PM, a male victim was approached by a black female suspect while at a business in the 3000 block of Denton Road. The female asked him for a ride and he agreed. Once in the vehicle, the suspect produced a hand gun and demanded the victim to drive. The suspect continued to tell the victim where to go to. They stopped in the 2300 block of Denton Road. The victim exited the vehicle and the suspect demanded the keys to the vehicle. The victim initially refused to give the keys to the suspect. The suspect then shot the victim in the arm. The suspect was then able to get the keys and left on the victim’s vehicle.

The victim was transported to a local hospital for his injury. It was later determined he would have to be transferred to an out of town facility for specialized treatment.

Several hours after the incident occurred, the victim’s vehicle was located abandoned in Headland, AL.

The unknown black female suspect is described as being 5’8” – 5’11” tall, 20-25 years old, had a lip piercing, wearing a green jacket and short white pants.

If anyone has any information about this incident they are asked to call the Dothan Police Department at (334)615-3000. If you would like to remain anonymous, you can call Crimestoppers at (334)793-7000

Woman Allows Juveniles to Shoot at Victims

On 7/15/2022 several juveniles were involved in at altercation in the 1200 block of Lake Street. Some of the juveniles left but soon retuned in a vehicle driven by Shakita Crittenton. The juveniles exited the vehicle and retrieved a handgun from the trunk of Crittenton’s vehicle and began firing at a vehicle occupied by the other juveniles while Crittenton watched. Crittenton aided these juveniles by giving them a firearm and transporting them to and from the incident location.

As a result of this incident, on 7/20/2022, Criminal Investigators executed a search warrant at Crittenton’s residence. During the search, illegal narcotics were found in a common area of the residence which two juveniles had access to. Also found were two puppies in crates in two different closets. Both puppies were malnourished and underweight. Dothan Animal Services responded and took possession of both puppies.

Shakita Leann Crittenton, 35 years old of Dothan, was charged with two counts of Animal Cruelty, two counts of Chemical Endangerment, two counts of Attempted Assault First Degree, and one count of Discharging a Firearm into an Occupied Vehicle. She is currently being held with no bond.

Shakita Leann Crittenton – Animal Cruelty X2, Chemical Endangerment X2, Attempted Assault First Degree X2, and Discharging a Firearm into an Occupied Vehicle

Toddler Found Next to Roadway by Alert Motorist

On 7/20/2022, an alert motorist traveling in the 2100 block of Webb Road saw a toddler crawling on the edge of the roadway. The motorist called 911 and held the child until authorities arrived. The residence the toddler belonged to was located and the front door was standing open. The toddler’s father, Raymond Smith, was found asleep in a back bedroom. Located in the bedroom with Smith were various controlled narcotics that he did not have a prescription for.

Raymond Oliver Smith, 19 years old of Dothan, was arrested and charged with one count of Reckless Endangerment, one count of Chemical Endangerment, and three counts of Unauthorized Possession of a Controlled Substance. His bond was set at $51,000.00.

Raymond Oliver Smith – Reckless Endangerment, Chemical Endangerment, and Unauthorized Possession of a Controlled Substance X 3

Three Year Old Accidentally Shot

On 7/20/2022 at approximately 8:40 PM, officers responded to a local hospital for a 3 year old child that had been shot in a lower extremity. It was determined the child climbed into the lap of an adult male who had a pistol in his pocket and the child accidentally hit the trigger causing the gun to fire. The child was treated at the hospital for a superficial wound to the extremity and released. The child is expected to make a full recovery. This incident occurred in the 400 block of Mona Drive.

Wiregrass Common Mall Update

On Saturday 07/16 at approximately 02:50 p.m. officers were dispatched to a “shots fired” call at Wiregrass Commons Mall. Upon arrival numerous people were fleeing the mall. The investigation revealed that an employee from a business had an altercation with several individuals inside the business. At least one person brandished a firearm causing people to flee. Officers interviewed numerous people at several different stores inside the mall. The suspects had left the scene prior to officers arriving. Conflicting stories were given about shots being fired. Officers found no evidence of shots being fired. To clarify, we found no damage to any property, or structure, or shell casings.

OUR ORIGINAL POST HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH INITIAL INCIDENT THAT OCCURRED AND WE DID NOT SAY THAT IT DID NOT OCCUR. We were only stating that there was not an active shooter situation at the mall, meaning there was no active threat and there was no one “actively shooting” inside the mall. There was also no firearm assault, meaning we found no victims suffering from a gunshot wound.

The incident was documented and all witnesses that we know were involved were interviewed. The incident is still under investigation by the Dothan Police Department. If anyone has any additional information they are asked to contact Dothan Police Department.

Update: Four Charged with Capital Murder


As a result of our community coming forward, we were provided information that gave us leads to work from on this case. With this information, we were able to develop and locate persons of interest. Investigators and Patrol Officers worked into the late-night hours last night locating and collecting surveillance video, conducting numerous interviews, and executing numerous search warrants. As a result of these efforts, four individuals have now been charged with Capital Murder. These individuals have been identified as:

Dialan Zhontavis Beard, 18 years old of Dothan

Rodgrick Jermaine Holmes, 18 years old of Dothan

Davaciera Booth, 18 years old of Panama City, Florida

A 17 year old juvenile of Panama City, Florida

Beard and Holmes are currently in the Houston County Jail with No Bond.

Booth and the 17 year old juvenile have been arrested in Panama City, Florida and are awaiting extradition back to Dothan. Both will have No Bond.

It has been determined the motive in this senseless act was robbery. These individuals conspired together to rob Mr. Johnson of money he was believed to be in possession of and it ultimately cost him his life.

We would like to extend our appreciation to Sheriff Tommy Ford and the Bay County, Florida Sheriff’s Department for their assistance in this investigation.

The Dothan Police Department would like to offer our condolences to the family of Mr. Johnson. Our thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Johnson’s family.

Dialan Zhontavis Beard – Capital Murder

Rodgrick Jermaine Holmes – Capital Murder







On July 14, 2022, at approximately 6:30 AM, the Dothan Police Department received a call from a citizen about an individual lying on the side of the roadway at the intersection of Morgan Street and Westmead Street.

Upon arrival, officers determined the black male victim was deceased. It appears multiple shots were fired, and at least one of them struck the victim in the upper torso. The victim has been identified as Gabriel Raynaldo Johnson, 34 years old of Ashford, Alabama.  Johnson’s body has been sent to Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences for an autopsy.

We are in the preliminary stage of the investigation, however, we would like to ask the public if they have any information related to this incident, or if they have any information about Johnson’s whereabouts during the nighttime hours, to please contact the Dothan Police Department at 334-615-3000. If you would like to remain anonymous, you can call Crime Stoppers at 334-793-7000.

Woman Charged with Trafficking in Stolen Identities

On 7/4/2022, Lacy Dawn Farmer, 19 years old of Dothan, was charged with one count of Unlawful Breaking and Entering a Motor Vehicle that occurred in the 2700 block of Ross Clark Circle. Her bond was set at $15,000.00.

As the investigation continued, it was discovered Farmer was in possession of banking information of several individuals. As a result of this, on 7/6/2022 she received an additional charge of Trafficking in Stolen Identities. Her bond for this charge was set at $30,000.00.

Lacy Dawn Farmer – Unlawful Breaking and Entering a Motor Vehicle, and Trafficking In Stolen Identities


Woman Charged with First Degree Robbery

On July 3, 2022 Jadajah Bryant is alleged to have committed First Degree Robbery in the 3000 block of Flynn Road.  Bryant met the victim to purchase an item he was selling.  Bryant is alleged to have snatched the item and fled while indicating she was in possession of a weapon.

Jadajah I’liyah Bryant, 20 years old from Dothan, was charged with Robbery First Degree.  Her bond was set at $60,000.00.

Jadajah I’liyah Bryant – Robbery First Degree

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