School Protection Officer

Are you a retired or former Alabama Police Officer? Are you considering retiring, and looking for a part time job? We are pleased to announce that the Dothan, Alabama Police Department is hiring part time police officers to protect our kids and schools. As part of the City of Dothan’s School Protection and Response Initiative, we have developed a new position known as School Protection Officer. Essentially, you’re assigned to a school to protect the students, staff and property — you’re there to neutralize threats.

The pay is an attractive $18.00 an hour. You work 187 days out of the year and we furnish you with all of your equipment and provide training. The pay is over $27,000 per year — not bad for seasonal employment. We pay the FICA as well. This falls within the allowable range for a retiree under the Retirement Systems of Alabama AND we will offer COLA’s in the future.

School Protection Officers are the future in school safety initiatives. We want to tap in to your experience and use it to safeguard our kids.

I have a tremendous amount of respect for our retired law enforcement officers and trust me when I tell you, this is a great program. Give me a call personally at (334) 615-3601 and I’ll be happy to discuss it with you.

Chief Steve Parrish
Dothan PD